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Cargo wagon repairs
For 5 consecutive years
Since 1395
Until the year 1399
Grade B of
Islamic republic
of Iran railway
Reconstruction and repair
of all kinds Wheel and
axles of freight wagons
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Behtash Sepahan Aria

Aria Rail Industries Complex is based on four phases that this design belongs to its original design, including the construction Wagon repair workshopin the first phase, construction Locomotive repairworkshop in the second phase, construction Combined rail and road dock and public warehouses of the third phase and Construction of workshopsfor the production of wagon parts, locomotives and railway equipment is the fourth phase, the first phase of which, or the design of the wagon repair workshop, is the first private wagon repair workshop in the country, which started operating in the second half of 1390 and is operational Be.

Behtash Sepahan Aria Services

Reconstruction and repair of wheels and axles of freight wagons

This workshop, which was put into operation in 1398, has the ability to reconstruct and repair all types of wagon and locomotive wheels by having specialized and trained personnel.

Overhaul and reconstruction of freight cars

The repair workshop consists of several main parts and has started working since 2011 with an annual capacity of 1,500 overhaul wagons and 500 floor and body reconstruction wagons employing more than 100 specialized personnel in one work shift.

Repairs and reconstruction of parts of the freight wagon brake system

Wagon air valve repair, automatic brake, air distribution valve and other parts are some of the projects that have been invested and launched by the company in recent years to complete the wagon repair cycle.

Behtash Sepahan Aria

The most active and largest collection in the field of repairing all types of freight wagons

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Licenses of Behtash Sepahan Aria

License for overhaul of freight wagons

Wheel and axle overhaul license

Automatic brake repair license

Hook head reconstruction license

Russian triple valve repair license

Connor valve repair license

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